Grinder Series NEOGRIND
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Grinder Series NEOGRIND

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Most advanced grinder for medium capacities and demanding specialty grinds.

Grinder Series NEOGRIND
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The newly designed coffee grinder NEOGRIND has been developed specifically for the high demands of filter coffee, pad/pod production (coffee capsules) and fine grinding.

With its fully automatic control unit and the many features for process monitoring, this grinder includes all elements that ensure perfect grinding of high-quality coffee products with high demands on the grinding degree. The compact design of the grinder with soundproof case and movable touch panel is an additional advantage.

Design Features:
Three to two grinding stages with individual drives of the rolls
Continuously adjustable roll speeds through frequency-controlled drives
Grinding gap adjustment via powerful precision servomotors
Fast roll change (in less than 2 hours)
Integrated compactor with continuously adjustable compaction rate
Unique grinding chamber design for minimum product adhesion
Dust-tight grinding chamber
Easy access to the grinding chamber via a central maintenance flap
Low noise emission due to a sound-absorbing hood
Roll cooling by means of cooling register for flow control
Sensors for temperature and vibration control of the rolls
Automatic sampler for analysis of the grinding result