Electric grinder EWB98

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For improved production, our vacuum bowl cutters enable you to make sausages under vacuum.

Electric grinder EWB98
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Электрическая мясорубка EWB98
  • Электрическая мясорубка EWB98
  • Электрическая мясорубка EWB98
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Power and easy handling are just two of the many advantages of our stuffing grinder. It is equipped to not only make meat processing more efficient, but also to make cleaning easier. Thanks to the quick-action connector, the housing of the worm can be quickly removed and cleaned. You also have the choice between two cutting systems (Unger or Enterprise). For a perfect, homogeneous cut and maximum flexibility.

  • Two alternative cutting systems for optimal results depending on the product
  • Removable hand guard over the filling shaft for safe working and easy cleaning
  • Removable housing of the worm, can be stored separately when cool
  • Manual sorting device for special meat processing
  • Clever ejecting device for worm and cutting set
  • Safe braking device for the working worm drive
  • Low temperature increase of the material during grinding
  • Flushing chambers behind the worm mounting for maximum hygiene



Electrical data:

  • operating voltage (standard) - 400V/50Hz
  • rated power - 3 kW

rated power worm drive - 3 kW S3

throughput grinding - 10-15 kg/min

capacity of bowl - 35 l

weight - 108 kg