SHC-165G spinal cord remover
  • SHC-165G spinal cord remover
  • SHC-165G spinal cord remover

SHC-165G spinal cord remover

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The Jarvis Model SHC-165G -- hydraulically powered spinal cord remover for beef or pork.



•Latest patented technology for grinding away BSE risk material, including the spinal cord and the meninges (spinal  cord skin).
•Connected to a vacuum system that collects removed spinal cord material for disposal.
•Lightweight, powerful (2.5 hp) hydraulic motor- no bogging down or motor icing; low noise and instant stop.
•Heavy duty gears made to withstand the extreme condition found in larger meat processing plants.
•Rugged construction provides unsurpassed durability.
•Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.







Motor Power

2.5 hp

1865 W

Blade Speed at 3.5 gpm


2725 rpm

Control Handles

Single Trigger


Cutter Head Width




0.51 in

13 mm


0.63 lbs

16 mm

Cutting Depth (maximum)

2.5 hp

1865 W

  0.51 in/13 mm wide blade-pork

0.81 in

20.6 mm

  0.63 in/16 mm wide blade-beef

0.88 in

22.4 mm

Vacuum at 14 in Hg (190 in H20)

320 ft³/min

9.06 m³/min

Overall Length

15.0 in

381 mm


8.6 lbs

3.9 kg




Hydraulic Power Unit



Motor Power

5 hp

3728 W

Operating Voltage

230 / 460 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz


all voltages and 50 Hz available

Hose Length

16 ft

5 m

Oil Capacity

20 gal

76 L

Overall Dimensions (l x w x h)

 28 x 23 x 28 in


 711 x 584 x 711 mm

Weight (without oil)

225 lbs

102 kg

  • Made from: Stainless steel