GBT Trolley Tumbler
GBT Trolley Tumbler
  • GBT Trolley Tumbler
  • GBT Trolley Tumbler

GBT Trolley Tumbler


The GBT 300 is Garos’ trolley tumbler/mixer – perfect for mixing, marinating, and tumbling any type of product. It is capable of handling anything from meats, to salads, and ready meals, and works with both dry at wet products. The versatility is nearly endless!

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The GBT 300 has been designed to have the maximum mixing capacity possible and is guaranteed to achieve an even blend of ingredients in minimum time, saving both time and labour. It simple yet highly refined design also ensures that it is exceedingly easy to use, hygienic and requiring minimal cleaning. To operate the GBT all you have to do is roll in the standard 200-litre trolley into the machine, since we use the already full trolley there is no awkward loading and unloading necessary. The trolley is then lifted up into the hood and trolley and its content is mixed/tumbled according to the program of your choosing, you can set the RPM, program duration, and even vacuum. As the program finishes and you lower the trolley you will find it thoroughly mixed and ready for the next step of your process.

The hood has the same volume as the trolley meaning that the trolley can be filled to the brim while still allowing for all the contents to be mixed thoroughly. Moreover, inside the hood there is a mixing bar that serves to gently separate the product as the trolley is rotated thus removing any clumps and ensuring an even blend of ingredients. Mixing via tumbling has three main advantages; firstly, it eliminates all dead spots that can occur as a result of mixing with paddles. Secondly, instead of having a paddle or blade that forcibly moves the product, potentially damaging the ingredients in the process, the tumbling allows the product to freely move around in the hood compartment thus mixing in a gentle way while guaranteeing maximum effect. Lastly, it is allows for extremely short mixing times, most often as little as just 1-2 minutes!

• Extremely versatile 

• Hygienic and easy to clean 

• Gentle product handling 

• Quick and even mixing 

• Labour and time efficient