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We are proud to say that we manage everything from design and development to manufacturing and installation for some of them most refined machinery available in the meat processing industry. Garos is represented worldwide by an extensive network of partners who serve as distributors and after sales support to our customers. We are present worldwide and have a strong foothold in many of the most competitive markets - markets such as Australia, China, Russia, and Europe as a whole. .

Garos’ head office is located Jönköping, Sweden, which lies in the core of norther Europe. Being based in Sweden means that high attention to detail and engineering prowess is something that comes naturally to us. This is also the home of our development, design, administration, and marketing operations as well as a workshop for advanced assembly and prototype production. Moreover, we have a subsidiary in Poland where most of our production and assembly is handled. This also provides us with a logistical edge given Polands proximity to the European heartland.

High quality engineering and elegant solutions are some of the hallmarks of Garos as a company. The Garos machinery is well known for its reliability and excellent performance – this is a reputation that we have earned through years of dedicated work. But this is not enough, as we are continually striving to reach even higher degrees of engineering ingenuity and refinement of the meat production process. Our goal, simply put, is to satisfy customer needs and to meet and exceed the requirements set by the global meat processing industry.



Garos is a family company, a family that has a history of being active in the meat industry since the 1930s. Garos itself is currently managed by the second and third generation and has been active for close to 40 years.

Garos started as an agent, reselling equipment for meat processing in Scandinavia. However, in the mid-1980s Garos decided to change its course and started to manufacture equipment instead. Originally this was limited to brine injector and tumblers, since then our product range and market scope has expanded. Garos now has a strong market position as one of the leading suppliers to the global meat processing industry and as a manufacturer at the forefront of meat processing technology.

Garos' founding family is still one of the major players in the business. However, over the years they have included strong business partners from the industry. These partners are from the meat and food industries, and being from various areas they are able to provide valuable insights that assists Garos' flexibility. This, together with the fact that the Gustafson's are still involved, has afforded Garos a high degree of stability and reliability throughout the years. The combination of flexibility and a constant drive to improve, which is then tempered by stability and goal oriented thinking, gives Garos a unique and strong platform to grow from.


Vision and core values

Throughout the years Garos has been true to its concept and values. At the same time, we are extremely focused on new and creative solutions and customer requirements. To satisfy customer needs all around the world, we continuously develop and refine our product range. This process is governed by a vision based on a number of core values.

Innovative and reliable technology
Garos’ development work is based on the goal of developing machines and customized solutions that are innovative, reliable and user friendly. We pride ourselves on being able to supply the most elegant solutions available, no matter if it is a single machine or an entire production line.

Excellent service and knowledge
With a network of partners, we can work close to our customers in a large number of markets. Garos is characterized by expertise and extensive customer service that stretches from project planning to final assembly followed by service and customer support. We are always happy to lend our knowledge and experience acquired through 40 years of working in meat processing solutions. Not only because we want to keep customers happy but also since working closely with the customers gives us unique information directly from users. This feedback is invaluable for our ability to identify issues and generate good products and helps us to further improve and to offer even better solutions.

Continuous technical development
Customer needs are ever changing, and new food trends and processes are emerging faster than ever before. As we are one of the premier suppliers to the meat processing industry and we pride ourselves on our technical solutions our goal is to always be able to meet and exceed customer demands. We are always looking for ways to improve our existing machines and to develop entirely new products when the need arises. By always having an open mind and working closely with our customer we are able to stay one step ahead of the competition.


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