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Mod.P Automatic

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Centrifuge washer beef triple products

Mod.P Automatic


Utilized for the washing and peeling of the internal parts of:

    Beef and Sheep Tripes

    Beef Omasums (Bibles)

    Beef Abomasum (Reeds)


    The machines are made of stainless steel AISI-304, including the electrical cabinet

    The machines have polished stainless steel

    The machine is completely wired together, requiring only the final connections to the main power source

    Loading with a pneumatic hopper for models 10 and 15

    Loading with a elevatore O&C serie Sbin lifter, the O&C model S series for models 20, 25 & 50

    Pneumatic Unloading Door

    Variable Speed Drive (VSD) controlling the plate rotation

    Automated working cycles by means of a PLC for all working phases: loading, start and stop, water inlets and all pneumatics

    Pneumatic pistons to open upper chamber (except mod.10, which is manual)

    The de-hairing machines model D built with a double insulate chamber, (Except mod. D35)

    The machine does not produce hot water



    Pneumatic Loading Lid

    Automatic Electronic Mixing Valve or manual Mixing Valve

    Pneumatic pump to separate the wastewater

    Water Recycling System

    Data recovery (only with Siemens PLC)