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Spiral washer SW

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The Sormac SW-50 spiral washer was designed for washing cut vegetables that either float on water or that sink.

Spiral washer SW
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The Sormac SW-50 spiral washer was designed for washing cut vegetables that either float on water or that sink. The vegetables are washed intensively in the washbasin and then transported by a vibration chute or outfeed belt where the vegetables are rinsed with clean water.

The washing water is drained to the pump tank through the perforated bottom of the vibration chute. The pump recirculates the water to the washbasin.

The swirling action and force of the water can be regulated separately through manually adjustable valves and nozzles to assure a perfect washing operation and the desired dwell time of the produce. The switch cabinet has pushbuttons to activate and deactivate the flycatcher, pump and vibration chute.

The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel and some plastic parts. Also the vibration motors are executed in stainless steel.

Product specification

The SW-50 spiral washer is suitable for washing all kinds of cut and uncut vegetables.


Up to 1,500 kg/hour (3,300 lbs/hr) (depending on the specific produce and the desired dwell time).


Stainless steel vibrators
These are positioned away from the product flow.

Adjustable water flow
The pump speed, valve position and positionable nozzles enable all (cut) fruit and vegetables to be washed.

Numerous machine versions
Machine can be engineered with numerous options. This allows the machine to be assembled according to customer specifications.

Easy operation to activate/deactivate all components, set pump speed and read out water temperature.


Outfeed belt
By placing an outfeed belt instead of a vibration chute behind the washer, the product can easily be transported further in the production line, ideal for delicate products.

The SW-50/350 can be equipped with a flycatcher that removes insects and small particles.

Rotary sieve in the pump tank
The small particles can be collected in a crate by the rotary sieve.

A fan creates agitation in the wash water and ensures an intensive washing process. It also makes sure the product is submerged.

Cooling coil in the pump tank
This coil cools the water in the pump tank before it is pumped back into the washer.

The water is pumped through ultraviolet light, which destroys the bacteria in the water.

Dosing unit for additives
For accurate dosing of additives to the washing water.

Carousel for 3 centrifuge baskets
3 centrifuge baskets can be placed on the carousel quickly and easily. The carousel is equipped with swivel castors so it is easy to move.

Platform for 3 or 6 centrifuge baskets
A solid rack to store 3 or 6 centrifuge baskets.

To move the machine flexibly through space.