Air Cleaner Typ_003
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Air Cleaner Typ_003

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For removing foreign bodies of all kinds, for glass, sheet metal, plastic and cardboard containers.

Air Cleaner Typ_003
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For containers with:
60 mm - 130 mm diameter
50 mm - 240 mm height
Performance up to 12,000 pieces / hour
The machine completely consists of Cr-Ni-steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) or any other stainless material, such as plastics, with the exception of drive and bearing components.

The containers are turned through 180 ° so that they stand upside down. In the overhead position, the containers are blown out with air or sprayed with water. Subsequently, the unit is turned again by 180 °, the containers leave the machine standing on an on-site conveyor belt.