L-300 Washing Tunnel
  • L-300 Washing Tunnel
  • L-300 Washing Tunnel
  • L-300 Washing Tunnel
  • L-300 Washing Tunnel
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L-300 Washing Tunnel

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Single phase washer for long workdays

L-300 Washing Tunnel


L-300 is part of the L series, the most robust, hygienic and accessible in the market. No water retention, continuous welding and full access for cleaning and maintenance. With the best filtering system and the strategic combination of flow and pressure to maximise the impact, this Serie guarantees a perfect result with an extraordinary energy efficiency. Possibility of washing different kind of elements: crate washer, tray washer, tote washer, mould washer, bucket washer, RPC's washer. 


Mimasa Technology

    Hygienic Design

    Retention zones and 90º angles elimination, continuous welding, great accessibility. Let water flow!

    Plug & Clean

    We design our systems thinking on them to be easy to assemble, to install and to connect.


Technical Features

    Maximum clearance (WxH)


    Production (600mm long elements)

    800u/h adjustable

    Pump power

    18.5 kW


    1 screw filter + 1 rotary filter Self-cleaning




    Steam or electrical. Other options available


    Options and accessories

    Adjustable top guiding system for different heights

    Lateral guiding for different widths

    Steam extractor systems

    Detergent and disinfectant dosing systems

    Conductivity control

    Versions with mesh chain for washing special items

    Custom-made cages for washing small items

    Recirculated rinse phase before final rinse

    Control program and HACCP operational log

    Blowing between phases

    Heat-insulated versions