Crate Washer Model 200
  • Crate Washer Model 200
  • Crate Washer Model 200

Crate Washer Model 200

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Industry: Industry, Bakery, Supermarket, Catering 



This compact JEROS Crate Washer Model 200 was specially developed and designed for small and medium sized companies and is specifically suitable for all Euro crates and comparable products. It is manufactured throughout in stainless steel

The pump and heating elements are protected against drying out by means of a low water level security system. The machine comprises of a Main wash section and a seperate Rinse section. In the main wash section: Crates are washed with recycled water

Recycled water is filtered by an easily removable filter system. Wash water is electrically heated and pumped by a stainless steel cirkulation pump to the jet spray nozzles. In the rinse section: Crates are rinsed with fresh water. Rinse water replaces water in main wash tank. Surplus water and surface pollution are drained by an overflow.

Great combination of price and performance
- Capacity up to: 150 - 230 crates per hour
- For 1 or 2-man-operation

Basic information:
- Run through height: 47 cm
- Run through width: 46 cm
- Mobile on 4 wheels
- Conveyer system in stainless steel
- A great wash result with a new and unique wash system
- No down holder necessary
- Long neutral zone guarantees optimal rinse result

Capacity:150-250 crates/hour
Run through measurement (HxW): 470*460mm
Rotation wash arms: 4

Soap dosage
Rinse dosage
After rinse heater
Adjusteable conveyer speed
Conveyor/lattice-beltBlowing Unit JEROS 200TD


  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Mixed