Conveyer Washing machine cleanline S
  • Conveyer Washing machine cleanline S
  • Conveyer Washing machine cleanline S
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Conveyer Washing machine cleanline S

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Washing machine cleanline



• Compact tunnel washing maschine for fast and effective cleaning of light to medium soiled euro boxes:
• The system is divided into a main wash and rinse zone. In the main-wash zone, the boxes are washed with hot water, which is maintened by the built-in tank heating at the desired constant temperature.
• The water in the main wash zone is constantly filtered through a sophisticated filter system. The boxes are rinsed with clean fresh water. This water is then fed into the main tank of the washing zone where it is used again. Therefore minimal water, energy and chemical consumption together with maximum cleaning results.

• washing tunnel:
– Length 1700 mm
– Width 800 mm
– High 1600 mm
• Inlet-/outlet high 970 mm
• Water consumption: Ca.50 l/h
• Main washing zone: 1000 mm
– Length 1000 mm
– Pump Typ / power: CEA 370 / 1,5 kW
– Pump flow rate: 350 l/min
– Tank volume 200 L
• Washing temperature: 30 – 60 °C, adjustable
• Nozzles: 36 piece Quick-Repeat-Clip
• Filter system: Stainless steel 1.4301, maintenance friendly
• Rinsing zone: Length 600 mm
• Rinse temperature Recommended: 60-85° 60 – 85 °C on site
• Nozzles: plastic flat jet nozzles
• Rinsing table Length: 400 mm Specialty: removeable
• crates hold-down
• Heating system: Screw-in immersion heater
• Tank heating: 2 x 6 kW ( total 12,0 kW)
• Subject to technical modifications

• Items to be washed: Euro crates E1-E2-E3
• Capacity: 200 crates/ h
• Construction: Inlet table, main washing zone, rinse zone, outlet table, automatic conveyor system, height-adjustable
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Control:Siemens Logo


  • Made from: Stainless steel