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Ham mould washers

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Washing systems for ham moulds, which are flexible and fully automatic

Ham mould washers
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Washing systems for ham moulds, which are flexible and fully automatic and ensure effective and thorough washing and perfect drying, to optimize any production process. The Colussi Ermes ham mould washing systems are tailor-made on the basis of any technical and production requirements of the customer, they ensure impeccable results in terms of hygiene, compliant with the most stringent standards and preserve the integrity of the mould over time.

Variable washing capacity for small and large companies.
Possibility of washing various shapes and types of ham moulds, of different heights and sizes, without needing to change the format.
Perfect washing and drying, for immediate re-use in the production process.
Ham mould washing systems which ensure 100% hygiene.
The Colussi Ermes systems for washing ham moulds have been designed and certified to eliminate all bacteria, even the most aggressive, according to pharmaceutical/hospital hygiene standards. They guarantee impeccable washing and drying results, and thanks to special monitoring system connected to HACCP system, ensure perfect results in terms of hygiene.


TAILOR-MADE: the machine is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, on the basis of their requests and requirements.
Structure in stainless steel with thick insulated panels to prevent the dispersion of heat produced by the mould washing process. This technology offers a dual function: reduction in energy consumption and noise reduction.
Customized washing programs.
Washing programs designed to obtain maximum energy efficiency.
High pressure to remove all types of stubborn residue or dirt.
Advanced system for removing water residue from the surface of the moulds and perfect drying for immediate re-use in the production process.
Mould cooling to allow them to be re-used immediately in the production process.
Responsible dosing of chemical solutions to protect the environment as well as the operators involved in the mould washing operations.
Multiple water heating systems.
Significant savings of energy, water and detergent.
Reduction in maintenance costs and times.
Reliability and performance levels unchanged over time.
Advanced systems to control and monitor the correct washing parameters.
Interfacing with centralised monitoring systems in compliance with HACCP standards.
Automatic mould feed systems.
Full inspection of the mould washing system possible thanks to a special mechanical system which allows the top part of the tunnel to be raised. This section of the tunnel has no gaskets, ensuring maximum hygiene.