Air/water bottle rinser TBR
  • Air/water bottle rinser TBR
  • Air/water bottle rinser TBR
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Air/water bottle rinser TBR

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Air and water rinsing machines adding brine or oil to jars filled with olives or tomatoes, and other machines to integrate in your production line.

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Ideal for:

  • Washing bottles
  • Washing jars


Complete and professionalize your production line

Some production lines may require preliminary or additional operations such as rinsing bottles with air or liquid prior to filling them, adding shrinkable PVC capsules on the neck of bottles or adding brine or oil to jars filled with food products.

Our complementary solutions are robust, functional, and are easily integrated in any kind of packaging line

A solution to wash bottles and jars before filling them. We offer semi automatic bottle rinser or combined air/water bottle rinser. You can customize the rinsing machine by changing its injectors, to adapt the machine to small bottles or jars.

Semi automatic bottle rinserbottle rinser

Our semi automatic bottle air water rinsing machine allows you to clean the internal surface of bottles before bottling them. Any bottle can be washed whatever its size. The machine can be equipped with or without a pump for washing with clean water and with a disingecting product.

Available in different versions:

  • Semi automatic with two nozzles
  • Semi automatic with four nozzles
  • With or without an electric pump


Combined air/water bottle rinser

An integrated solution to rinse and sanitize jars and bottles before filling This machin e is designed for the internal cleaning and rinsing of bottles by means of filtered air or water and a disinfectant product. This machine is available in 2 versions: either with 2 or with 4 injectors.


  • Includes filter housing and 25 micron filter for filtering water/soution
  • Outfitted with Nozzles to fit bottle opening diameters of 12.5mm to 26mm with minimum height of 150mm (Nozzles for smaller or larger bottles available upon request)
  • Optional Recirculation Pump
  • Up to 800 bottles per hour depending on operator skill level