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The diewashers are conceived for the washing ofboth circular and rectangular dies by means ofa high pressure water jet. 

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Essentially they are constituted by a washing tank. The pump finally constitutes the essential completion ofthe machine by assuring the pressure and the quantity ofwater needed for an optiomal washing.
The washing tank and the water recovery tank are entirely made ofstainless steel. The harmonious shapes and the oblique design make the machine suitable to the cleaning needs. The recovery tank is provided with a system for the settling ofthe washing water and with adjustable feet for a correct levelling. The movement groups have been drastically simplified, thus allowing both a reduced and economical maintenance. The pump group is placed on an independent stainless steel frame and provided with adjustable feet. Every model ofthe range is equipped with a PLC for the management and optimisation ofthe washing times.
The machines are supplied with pre-set washing programs based on the range ofthe customer’s dies. Each and every model can be equipped with the following optionals:
• Ecological device (patented): the pasta residues are separated from the water, removed from the washing tank by means ofa motorised belt and conveyed in a container separated from the machine. This allows to drastically reduce the quantity ofdough dissolved in the water, thus reducing the problems connected with the draining ofthe washing water.
• Motorized cover: the opening and the closing ofthe cover are electrically operated.
• Water level sensor and filling electro-valve: a level sensor connected to an electro-valve, allows to maintain a constant water level in the recovery tank.
• Drying ofthe dies: an air compressed system, integrated with the spraying arms, allows the drying ofthe dies at the end ofthe washing cycle.
• TAG: a reader on the machine allows to read the washing data from the TAG ofthe die and to load them on the PLC, without that the operator sets them manually. Tele-assistance: the PLC allows to interact at distance with the Landucci assistance site, in order to analyze in real time a signalled problem or to upgrade the software.