REEFLOW 50 Flow Wrap Machine
  • REEFLOW 50 Flow Wrap Machine
  • REEFLOW 50 Flow Wrap Machine
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REEFLOW 50 Flow Wrap Machine

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ReeFlow 50: Simple, hygienic and flexible.

REEFLOW 50 Flow Wrap Machine


The new user-friendly horizontal wrapper; ‘No need to be an expert to run the ReeFlow 50’.:


Main features:

- Full Stainless steel cantilevered construction, easy to access and clean.

- Robust lugged infeed with fast and simple pitch changeover.

- Driven reel shaft for film width 650 mm. Automatic film tensioning to process efficiently most of materials. - Standard photocell ‘No product No bag’, no more film waste.

- x3 independents pairs of rollers, for best longitudinal sealing quality. (C- H- F)

- Rotative 250mm jaws, production speed up to 120 ppm (240ppm with double jaws), fast and accurate.

- Product discharge through 900 mm driven belt with adjustable small nose roller.

- PLC with friendly touch screen 7“coloured display: Functional and Easily operated.

- Full electronic solution with 5 motors - Automatic format change and finest tuning.

- Toshiba by CMZ Software house


Made in compliance with the standard requirements of the fresh food industry.