Banana packing station
Banana packing station
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Banana packing station


RInstalling banana packaging stations with the ability to install the station and the building.

Banana packing station
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The purpose of this project is to recover bananas in bulk in a water bath thanks to semi-submerged conveyors and then bring them to the packaging, weighing and lastly boxing stations thanks to a network of roller conveyors.

The line comprises a number of straight and curved conveyors with free wheeling rollers, curved wheel belts and high inflexion point belts, doors, packing table and supporting tables for the weighing units.

All of the conveyors are made from 304L stainless steel, the feet from rectangular stainless steel tubes (for greater strength) and adjustable with stainless joins.

The rollers used for the roller conveyors are made from PVC with stainless steel axles and bearings.

The products carried are bananas in bulk, bananas in bags and cardboard crates full of wrapped bananas.

Furthermore, many features have been added to facilitate your operator's work thanks to our expertise in handling bananas (with over 30 stations delivered and operational over the last 2-3 years).



These conveyor lines can be used for all other kinds of food products, apples, pineapples, date, oranges, etc.