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Aseptic Pouch Packaging Machines

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Elecster aseptic pouch packaging machines.

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Thanks to its modular structure and adjustable volume, Elecster is always able to offer suitable capacity option according to the customer's needs. Capacity up to 16000 pcs/h and 100 ml - 1300 ml pouch sizes available. The packaging machine has one to four packing heads, depending on the capacity requirement. Maximum capacity of one packaging head is 4000 pcs/h.

Reliable and lasting seams
Reliable and lasting seams are guaranteed by permanently heated sealing devices. The temperature of the heat sealing is adjusted with an accurate PID control. The film is sealed inner surface against inner surface. The form of the package is pillow pouch.

Accurate dosing and low packaging material loss.
Elecster technology enables to get high quality pouch, vanishing leakage problems and outstanding image printing. Volume based dosing unit is a guarantee for stable and accurate dosing. Automatic film track control and sealing device temperature control ensure minimal packaging material loss.

High aseptical level
The metering device and the tubing are sterilized by hot water (>121°C). The integrated air sterilizer equipment maintains the aseptic conditions in the sterile chamber and the packaging film tube. The packaging film is sterilized with H2O2 and with powerful UV radiation.

Product shelf-life 180 days
You can optimize your production and gain profitability by using Elecster filling machines with Elecster packaging material, which are developed hand in hand. High aseptical level of packaging machine together with Elecster high quality packaging material enables to reach long product shelf-life from 90 days up to 180 days.