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Marinating the smart way

  • Labor saving
  • More accurate spraying, less marinade give-away
  • Consistent product quality
  • Suitable for marinating bone-in, frozen and fragile products
  • Rapid changeover, quicker response to retail demand


The Marel ValueSpray was specifically designed for the in-line wet marinating of portioned and fragile meat, poultry and fish products, with an accurate pickup and uniform distribution of marinade on coarse pieces.

Fully compatible with Marel single-lane slicing equipment, such as the Opticut, the ValueSpray offers a perfect in-line solution.

Products are transported via a conveyor belt along a set of nozzles that spray the marinade onto one or both sides of the product.

Overshoot during spraying flows back to the unit’s reservoir and is reused, minimizing the loss of valuable marinade. The ValueSpray is controlled by means of a touch screen, which includes production, recipe, service and cleaning management.


  • Ideal for the in-line wet marinating of meat products, such as loin steaks and rib eye, poultry products like fillets and minute steaks, and fish products like steaks, burgers e.g. from salmon, cod, pangasius, etc.
  • Products may be fresh, frozen, bone-in or boneless
  • Input capacity is 3000 kg/hour (based on 30m/min belt speed, 20mm product thickness and 55% belt load)
  • Ensures accurate marinade uptake
  • Distributes marinade more uniformly over products, including coarse pieces, compared to traditional equipment like dippers and tumblers
  • Compatible with Marel single-lane slicing equipment, such as the Opticut