DRL1000E Industrial frying
  • DRL1000E Industrial frying
  • DRL1000E Industrial frying
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DRL1000E Industrial frying

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The DRL1000E offers the same product flexibility as your frying pan at home, your tilting bratpan or our bigger fryers.

New product


  • fully automated frying on cast-iron pans
  • low-fat or deep-frying possible (1µm - 5mm oil)
  • strong frying for Sous Vide products
  • low maintenace cost – HOJA wear part guaranty
  • € 0,00 for the first 12 month
  • later only 1% /year of the investment
  • grill marking with special pan possible
  • for products of the highest quality
  • homemade look, smell and taste

Dispensing on product are capacities from 40-100kg/h possible.

With 1m² is our DRL1000E the next step from a tilting bratpan into a small fully automated production.

Combine our DRL1000E with HOJA Easy Dispensers for pancakes, crêpes, potato pancakes, or our rotation formers and after heating tunnel for burgers, veggiburgers, meatballs and many more delicious products.



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Combine HOJA DRL1000 with

HOJA Easy Dispenser and