Airless Dryer
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  • Airless Dryer

Airless Dryer


Unique rotary drum dryer uses superheated water vapor at atmospheric pressure as the drying medium.



- The innovative Dupps Airless Dryer is an indirect heated dryer—the products of combustion are isolated from the drying loop by a heat exchanger.

- There is reduced risk of in-drum fires due to the oxygenstarved environment.

- Short product residence time in the dryer means improved product quality, particularly with heat sensitive materials. 

- There is no visible plume of dryer exhaust. The dryer’s exhaust is essentially water vapor, which can be recovered and used as a heat source elsewhere in the plant. 

- Recirculated drying and combustion gases results in further significant energy savings.

- Because drying takes place in an oxygen-lean environment, the effects of oxidation is reduced in some products.

- A pressure vessel isn’t required because the dryer operates at atmospheric pressure.

- Odor control capacity needs are greatly reduced.