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  • Whole bird grader
  • Whole bird grader
  • Whole bird grader
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Whole bird grader

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Fast, accurate and gentle grading of whole birds (fresh, frozen or in bags). MARELEC can offer the best solution for your grading requirements. We grade into carton boxes, tubs, crates, or any other sort according to the customer's specifications. MATRIX software enables you to generate production reports.

Whole bird grader
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Key benefits

  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Optimum product handling
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust and hygienic design
  • Various infeed systems
  • Customized weighing devices
  • Integrated in turn-key solutions
  • Easy connection with MATRIX software

In many poultry slaughter houses, whole birds are graded according to their quality which will determine if the bird will be cut into parts or if it will be processed as a whole. In other processing facilities, whole birds are weighed dynamically. They are then sorted into tight weight ranges and batched into fixed weights or fixed-quantities per box.

The grader or sorter can be configured in many ways, such as the number of grading stations, or single, double, or triple lines with customized batching bins. MARELEC has built up a lot of knowledge and experience over the years to offer the perfect grading solution.


  • Belt width: 254 to 450 mm / 10 to 18 inches
  • Max. weight: up to 10 kg/ 20 lb
  • Lanes:1, 2 or 3
  • Multiple infeed systems
  • Various label printing and software options

Unparalleled accuracy & optimum product handling
Whole birds can vary in size from small to well-known large turkey. Each type of bird requires a specific weighing and grading solution resulting in ideal and gentle handling.

Ergonomic design
A team of engineers translates whole bird sorting and packing requirements into a custom grading solution. Full consideration is always given to the ergonomics for the operators. This flexible approach guarantees the perfect solution for the application while maintaining the maximum throughput as a priority with the smallest possible footprint.

Robust and hygenic design
The whole bird graders have a completely open structure, without hidden corners, for ease of cleaning and disinfection. The design of the graders avoids horizontal surfaces. Batching stations can be opened easily. All electrics and electronics are contained in a completely sealed cabinets with a unique hygienic labyrinth double sealing. All materials used are FDA approved. To avoid housings and reductors, all motors are silent stainless steel drum motors with IP 66 or higher protection.

Various infeed systems
Speed, bird size and state of the chicken are crucial aspects when choosing the most suitable infeed system for the whole bird sorter.

Easy connection with MATRIX software
The interface is quick, user-friendly and intuitive to program. Over 100 programs can be stored.
Production data can be viewed on the HMI grader. The user-friendly MATRIX program stores processing data on an office PC for traceability. MATRIX also allows the grader to be controlled remotely.