Ingredient feeders  IF 100
  • Ingredient feeders  IF 100
  • Ingredient feeders  IF 100
  • Ingredient feeders  IF 100
  • Ingredient feeders  IF 100
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Ingredient feeders IF 100

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IF 100 Ingredient feeder is designed for controlled injection of a wide range of particulate ingredients into a continuous flow of ice cream.
Nuts, nougat, chocolate, pieces of candied or fresh fruit and flakes can be added at preset volume and gently mixed with ice cream.

IF feeder is normally employed in line with continuous freezer and filling machine in order to produce enriched ice cream filled in cups, cones, bulk etc.

Ingredient feeders IF 100
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  • The IF is designed to reduce maintenance and enhance cleanability. This includes all stainless steel construction, free draining surfaces and accessible wash down areas.
  • Fruit feeder IF 100 consists of three main units each separately driven, the hopper with dosing screw and an agitator, the feed pump and in-line mixer. Each one of the motors is independently drived by motorvariator and the speed is adjustable at a wide range.
  • The machine is prepared to be connected to C.I.P. washing system.

Operation principle:

  • The ingredients are fed into the hopper, where they are kept in constant motion by agitator. The agitator ensures a constant supply of ingredients to the auger mounted at the bottom of the hopper.
  • Ingredients are augered to the lamella feeding pump that gently incorporates the ingredients into the continuous flow of ice cream.
  • The lamella pump system enables the constant and regular inflow of ingredients into ice cream and avoiding the ice cream texture damaging.
  • The combined ingredients and ice cream are blended together and evenly distributed by the variable speed blender agitator unit.