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Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle.

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Since its introduction on the market 50 years ago as an universal cooking machine, it is hard to imagine the industrial production of ready meals and convenience products without the tilting cooking kettle type KIPPKO. Due to the heating with steam up to 10 bar, roasting processes can be made in the kettle which give the dish the typical taste. The horizontal agitator system with Teflon® wall scrapers allow an intensive but also gentle stirring process. This allows also at low filling degrees of the kettle (for example searing and browning of onions) effective mixing results and eliminates burn-on. The equipment and options of a tilting cooking kettle are individually adapted from a modular system to the requirements of the respective industrial kitchen and the product range.

  • Hydraulically tiltable kettle
  • Multi-armed horizontal agitator
  • Teflon® wall scrapers with spring pressure
  • Indirect steam heating up to 10 bar
  • PLC system with recipe administration and modus manual / automatic
  • Modular system for the optional adaptation to the respective application
  • Standard sizes: 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 litres total volume

Perfectly suited for the production of:

  • ready meals
  • stews, soups
  • goulasch, choped meat
  • rice and pasta
  • sauces with / without particles
  • vegetable, legumes
  • onions, mushrooms
  • red cabbage, sauerkraut
  • mashed potatoes
  • pasta fillings
  • lard
  • desserts

Further Equipment and Options

  • protection grid cover
  • separated heating zones
  • pre-strainer for decantation
  • connection for homogenizer or product pump
  • water dosing system for cold and hot water
  • swivel pipe 2″ for fast water intake
  • lift-loader for standard bins
  • direct steam injection system
  • indirect cooling via double jacket with fresh or ice water
  • direct cooling by injection of liquid Nitrogen
  • kettle on load cells for recipe control