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Double ribbon mixer

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EGRETIER double concentric ribbon mixer for food industry.

Double ribbon mixer
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DOUBLE CONCENTRIC DOUBLE RIBBON horizontal mixer is specially designed to improve the mixing of fragile and heterogeneous ingredients by their structure, their density and their difference of volume.

It combines the work of a double coil, that is to say that the inner ribbon ensures the intimate mixing of the ingredients in one direction, while the entire bottom of the mixer is scraped by the outer ribbon.

This double concentric tape also makes it possible to very quickly empty the entire product simply by reversing the rotation side.

In addition, this mixer offers the possibility of integrating a positive displacement pump, which ensures the transfer of the preparation to the dosing unit and casing.

This type of mixer is particularly suitable for preparations of components with sauces or emulsions, for example:

  • raw or cooked meat,
  • Ragouts, rice,
  • Vegetables such as celery mayonnaise or ratatouille,
  • Fish like soup or rillettes from the sea,
  • Pates such as corned beef, pork sausages meat, etc…

The benefits are reduced time and mixing efficiency, while preserving the integrity of the blended products.


  • 316L stainless steel
  • Double jacketed
  • Waterproof hood
  • Vacuum
  • CO2 or steam injection
  • Weighing system
  • Cleaning in place
  • Cleaning balls
  • European bins guide device and safety grid
  • Fixed and swivel wheels
  • PLC control
  • Level and temperature probe
  • Self-emptying by external connection, by screw, or by incorporated volumetric pump.


Capacity from 100 to 6000 liters
304 or 316L stainless steel construction