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The continuous industrial wok type ContiWok.

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The continuous industrial wok type ContiWok allows the roasting and cooking of products in a horizontal roasting drum while the inner wall as the roasting surface is continuously kept at the pre-selected roasting temperature. The food products which are transferred into the drum are permanently turned by rotation of the horizontal axis. This movement is additionally supported by an agitator. Cooking oil as roasting fat is dosed at the drum infeed. The advantage is a fast frying to seal of products in order to develop a roasting taste by minimizing at the same time product losses. The products to be processed can either be pre-cooked or raw.

  • Horizontally rotating roasting drum
  • Indirect heating via thermal oil
  • Additional movement of the product due to the centric agitator
  • Rotating temperature up to 250 °C
  • Performance depending on the product between 300 and 1200 kg/h
  • Dosing of roasting oil
  • PLC control system with recipe administration
  • Possibility of integration to production process control