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The ultimate solution for optimal milk valorisation.

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The ultimate solution for optimal milk valorisation

The DairySpec Combi is a fast, fully automatic instrument combining the DairySpec FT infrared analyzer and SomaCount FC somatic cells counter for the extremely accurate and reliable determination of raw milk chemical composition (up to 64 parameters) and somatic cells count at a throughput up to 300 samples/hour. The DairySpec Combi is available in five versions (100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 samples/hour) to best meet your analytical needs.

The DairySpec FT module - The MIRTF spectrometer for milk analysis

Consisting of a Mid Infrared Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (MIRTF), the DairySpec FT module provides a complete analysis of milk and dairy products chemical composition. Up to 64 parameters can be analyzed simultaneously (Fat, Protein, DM, Lactose, Urea, Casein, Fatty Acid Profile, Blood BHB, …) offering a considerable time and cost saving compared to alternative methods. The spectra of each analyzed sample are saved in the software database allowing the development of new applications and retroactive analyses.

The DairySpec FT incorporates a patented Bentley Instruments method for the real-time, reagent-free, spectra standardization, optimizing calibrations transferability and stability as well as qualitative analysis (adulteration).

The performance of the DairySpec FT fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9622|IDF 141:2013, AOAC and ICAR standards for the analysis of milk components.

The SomaCount FC module - Proven technology for the enumeration of somatic cells in milk

The SomaCount FC is based on the technique of flow cytometry with the emission and detection of a fluorescence signal for counting somatic cells in raw milk.

The milk sample is first treated with an incubation reagent consisting of a clarification buffer solution and a fluorescent marker to permeate the somatic cells and stain their DNA/RNA. Part of the mixture is then injected into the flow cytometer in which the somatic cells are aligned and exposed to an intense laser beam to generate the fluorescence signal. The fluorescent signal is collected by the optics, filtered and detected with a photomultiplier. The intensity and width of the fluorescence pulses are recorded to establish the distribution curves and set the detection thresholds.

The analytical performance of the SomaCount FC fully complies with the requirements of the current ISO 13366-2|IDF 148-2:2006, AOAC and ICAR standards for the enumeration of somatic cells in milk.