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The art of long-process proofing. Retard proofing: the right way



Proofing retarder MIWE GV is intended specifically for long-process dough proofing at low above-freezing temperatures (-5 °C to +15 °C), making it an ideal instrument for all ambitious bakers who want to impress their customers with better, more aromatic products.

High-performance baking technology

Long-process proving in the low temperature range above zero is a proven method for all bakers who target success with outstanding product quality, an intensive aroma, improved dough structure and longer freshness. The MIWE proofing retarder GV is ideal for various long-process proofing methods with its temperature range from -5 °C to +15 °C. Air flow via a stainless steel false ceiling ensures maximum evenness and quality of products.

Easy planning

Depending on the lay out design, the products can be stored for up to 36 hours. This long availability window permits baking without quality losses over a period of several hours. That adds flexibility in the company organisation.

Controlled thawing

Frozen products can be defrosted safely and under control in the MIWE GV by the specially designed heating system.

Ready for the future today

With its modern touch control system MIWE TC, you can conveniently define up to eight process steps and access them reliably with the MIWE GV. That makes even complex process sequences easy to manage. It is also network capable, so that you can remotely monitor, store and manage all process data if necessary.

Hygienically impressive

The interior fittings and the slip-proof base pan are optionally available in easy-to-clean and hygienic stainless steel. Stainless steel versions of the standard white coated fronts are also available.

Role model for energy

From the start the 80 mm thick continuous insulation prevents cold bridges and loss of energy. Even more economical: the (optional) equipment with 100 mm thick insulation.