BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine
BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine
  • BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine
  • BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine

BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine


The BDC-200 MR rotary clipping machine is a new type device that is a development of the BDC-200 MT two-row table clipping machine.

BDC200 MR two-row, rotary clipping machine


It is an easy-to-use, universal and reliable device for fast closing of various types of casings with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm. It is perfect for packaging a wide range of products such as sausages and processed cheeses. Thanks to the standard stuffing pipe, combined with the adjustable casing brake and the rotating base, the clipping machine can be connected with the stuffer.

An additional advantage is the redesigned pneumatics, which allowed to increase clipping speed up to 10% - 20% per cent in comparision to MAGA PW-90 clipping machine.



    a wide range of diameters of the clipped casings (25-100 mm)

    a set of stuffing tube with a casing brake included in machine

    clipping all casing types

    possible to open, swivel base in the range of 60 and 90 degrees allows easy access to the stuffing tube and placing further casings without necessity of clipping machine moving on the table

    a wide, low-mounted handle bar influences on proper and ergonomic operation

    handy cutting knife valve

    no need to use guide trays

    large clips magazines and easy to clean


The above functional values, as well as constant and quick access to spare parts make working with our clipping machine easier, faster and very effective.


Klipsownica dwurzędowa rotacyjna BDC200 MR


Discover the possibilities of the BECK BDC-200 MR clipping machine:

    automatic cutting of the casings into portions of the same size

    smooth adjustment of the clips bending force

    adjustment of the distance between the clips

    special tool for stuffed casings length regulation

    connection to the stuffer using a dedicated funnel equipped with a casings brake

    clipping with a loop

    clipping with one or two clips

    possibility of developing to a semi-automatic machine


Optional equipment:

    a device for clipping delicate casings (index B)

    short stuffing spreader - enables clipping of large diameter bars (KB index)

    automatic loop feeder (PP index)

    automatic string feeder (PS index)

    air preparation station