RV Series Multihead Weigher
  • RV Series Multihead Weigher
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RV Series Multihead Weigher

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High-speed and high accuracy multihead weighing performance



The RV is the most advanced multihead weigher in the world, with the widest application scope offered in the industry.

Not only do you get advanced weighing performance, but also unrivalled support from experts in multihead weighing for food products.

It delivers up to 100% efficiency, maintaining the highest possible speeds and levels of accuracy.

Elevate your line’s productivity with unique weighing technology, in a robust and hygienic design. Access high performance even in harsh production environments. Reduce waste, achieve zero product giveaway and maximise uptime with the RV Series.

Boosting the pace of production to new levels to get your products on shelves quicker.

Anti-floor vibration, frequency-controlled dispersion tables and radial troughs drastically improve your product flow, even for sticky applications.

Triple combination calculations ensure accurate measurements that hit exact target weights before packing.

Robust and reliable waterproof design engineered to last, with an independently verified IP69k rating.

Large volume model
The RV Series Model can be adapted to have hoppers up to 7l in size, for applications such as potatoes and large fruits.

Key Features
Up to 400 weighments per minute
Precise weighments as low as 0.5g
Flexible hopper configurations between 10 and 32 heads
Hopper capacities between 0.05 and 7 litres
IP69k waterproof rating

When you buy an RV Series multihead weigher, we adapt it to your application. You can either have a bespoke model, or choose from our dedicated range of industry-proven sector solution models. These models are of a fixed specification for each sector, based on repeat successful solutions supplied to our customers. Our proven solutions offer you the same excellent performance at a more attractive price point.

All customers who buy the RV Series multihead weigher receive the Sentinel™ Reporting Pack, free of charge. Ishida Sentinel™ is our flagship software tool, that interfaces with Ishida machines to deliver live performance data to you and your operators from anywhere in the world.


  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Mixed