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  • Flowscale


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These systems are able to accurately weigh a flow of products, e.g. pelagic fish or ice, over a certain period of time. This eliminates the need to collecting raw material in trays or tubs for weighing and gives a continuous raw material throughput.


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Key benefits

  • High accuracy
  • Weighing a flow
  • Robust construction
  • Fast weighing

MARELEC offers a range of suitable standard-width flowscales, depending on the setup and throughput.

The flowscales are equipped as standard with a Z2 indicator which registers the weights and communicates with the network.

When using multiple flowscales and/or graders, the yield of different stages in the factory can be determined (e.g. weighing before and after gutting or filleting). The data from the weighing equipment is collected in different steps and processed by Matrix Yield. The yield between the different steps is an instant KPI that can be used to determine which equipment needs to be adjusted or fine-tuned.


  • Precision: 1%
  • Capacity: 10 -100 tons/hour
  • Conveyor speed: 0.3 - 0.5 m/s
  • Widths of the standard models: 300/400/600/800 mm

High accuracy
Depending on the width of the belt, 2 or more load cells are used to guarantee high precision during weighing. Software integration and belt speed. The flow of products that have passed the weighing belt can be weighed with high precision.

Weighing a flow
Most production processes are a continuous flow. The flowscale can be easily integrated between two conveyor belts. The advantage of flow weighing is that the yield can be instantly shown between different stages in the production process.

Robust construction
MARELEC has extensive experience in the fishing industry. All of our equipment has a very sturdy and robust build in order to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Fast weighing
Depending on the belt width, the flowscale can weigh a capacity up to 100 tons/hour.