2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter
  • 2T chocolate melter

2T chocolate melter

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2T melter is mainly used for melting chocolate.



  1. Introduction of 2T melter

2T melter is mainly used for melting chocolate. Melter adopts upper and lower hot water jacket for heating and cylinder pressure piece to press material, which makes materials melted completely. After melting, material is pumped from discharge port. Discharge port is equipped with removable filtration sieve to block bigger chocolate block so that it can perform second melting. Lift door assembly is equipped with upper and lower travel switch. When it reaches high and low setup position, it will stop automatically. Lift door assembly is equipped with double safety device to prevent lift door from dropping when chain breaks suddenly.


  1. Structure

This equipment is mainly composed of lift door assembly, pin gate assembly, cylinder pressure assembly, cylinder pressure piece, sliding door assembly, hot water pipe assembly, underframe assembly, bottom silo assembly, anti-collision assembly, etc.


  1. Equipment features

3.1 It is used for melting and heating chocolate.

3.2 It adopts hot water for heating.

3.3 Outlet is equipped with filtration element.

3.4 It has support

3.5 It adopts sanitary pipe fittings.


  1. Process description

  Different procedures and parameters can be set up according to different materials and conditions.


  1. Technical parameters





Nominal capacity



Material inlet diameter



Inlet and outlet of hot water pipe



Motor power



Overall size



  1. Installation requirements of equipment

       1. Power: 400V, 50Hz, 0.55kw.

  Control system should be reliable and grounding.

  Warning: There is high voltage inside and it can do harm to life. Make sure all electrical instruments work in accordance with the label. And the unit has correct grounding and can’t be changed randomly.

  1. All feeding and discharging pipelines should be equipped according to the process.
  2. Compressed air for instrument: 0.1-0.8 Mpa.
  3. Storage:

  Equipment and all parts had better be stored in room.

  It can be stored out of room for a short time if in rain&snow&dust-proof condition.

  1. Lifting and carrying

  Lifting must be performed by the crane meeting loading requirements. Lifting position must be lug or other safe parts of equipment.

  When forklift or vehicle carrying equipment, protective measures must be taken to avoid damaging equipment.

  1. Unloading position closes to final installation position as much as possible.
  2. Positioning and adjustment of equipment

  Installation position should be on reinforced concrete platform in order for installing feeding & discharging pipeline, compressed air inlet pipeline and draining pipeline.

  • Made from: Stainless steel