Solid modular ice cube-maker M 132
  • Solid modular ice cube-maker M 132
  • Solid modular ice cube-maker M 132
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Solid modular ice cube-maker M 132

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Solid modular ice cube, available in three different sizes, DICE, HALF-LARGE and LARGE. Suitable for quick drink cooling, can be used in various applications: ice buckets, whisky on the rocks and cocktails. Thanks to the high productivity of vertical evaporators, this type of machine with the combination of Icematic bins is essential where high ice consumption is needed.



Thanks to a continuous and regular flow, the water is distributed on a refrigerated surface designed to obtain a higher ice production. Three different sizes are available DICE, HALF-LARGE and LARGE. Castel MAC has been awarded by Digrim with the Green Excellence Award for the modular icemakers with R290 refrigerant

Water saving
Energy saving
Maintenance cost savings

Production 24h
Dice 154 kg
Half-large 154 kg
Large 143 kg
W 560 / D 620 / H 575
220-240 V - 1/50Hz