ice cube machine CS 20
  • ice cube machine CS 20
  • ice cube machine CS 20
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ice cube machine CS 20

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Full ice cube, it is appreciated for its versatility: ice buckets, whiskey on the rocks, cocktails and appetizers. The particular ice transparency makes it essential when a high quality is required.
Spray system is based on a series of nozzles that spray the water on an evaporator positioned horizontally on the upper part of the machine.



External body is entirely in stainless steel. Front control, accessible and protect.
Front ventilation system
An efficient front ventilation system has been introduced in the air condensed versions.
Easy access for internal cleaning.
Storage bin large capacity.

Kg/24h - 21 kg
Bin 6,5 kg
Dimensions W 340 / D 480 / H 600
Voltage 220-240 V - 1/50Hz