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The Bieffe Co heat treatment tunnels are designed to adapt to any type of product, including glass or plastic containers, jars and cans of all sizes.

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The Bieffe Co heat treatment tunnels are designed to adapt to any type of product, including glass or plastic containers, jars and cans of all sizes, dimensions and for any production capacity.

The control panels of our machines—also designed and built in-house—allow all details of the process to be managed, authorising the operator to easily act on all parameters in a simple and intuitive way. The panel components are European, with availability guaranteed worldwide.

Automatic over-pasteurisation control (optional)

In case of prolonged transport shutdown, the system automatically takes action and progressively reduces the temperature of the pre-pasteurisation and pasteurisation sections. Upon the subsequent restart, the inner belt is reactivated only when the set points are reached. The sequence and duration of the temperature reductions is controlled by the PLC in an entirely automatic way. The system guarantees a maximum over-pasteurisation of 60%.
For the reduction in temperature, water from the heating and cooling sections is used, availing of recirculation pumps. The exchangers of the pre-pasteurisation and pasteurisation sections are dimensioned in such a way as to permit the restoration of the set points in the shortest possible time.

Technical specifications

  • Modular structure constructed entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • High-strength stainless steel machine body;
  • Sloping machine base for complete water drainage;
  • Water collection tank with dual extractable filter;
  • Height-adjustable zone separators;
  • Movable side covers;
  • Overhead suction hoods within the hot area;
  • Input and output heads with sliding doors;
  • Main belt in polypropylene;
  • Sliding belt on stainless steel profiles;
  • Motorisations by gear motor controlled by an inverter;
  • Mechanical protection against overloads;
  • Slewing pin and idler in galvanised carbon steel with square section;
  • Central lubrication on slewing and idling pins;
  • Belt support rollers inside the machine installed on exposed bearings;
  • High-flow polypropylene nozzles fitted on stainless steel pipes with quick disassembly;
  • Input belt complete with motorisation;
  • Motorisation-free output belts;
  • Output safety bars complete with sensor;
  • Fans positioned on the output belts for degreasing the containers;
  • Electric panel in stainless steel in proximity to the machine;
  • Siemens S7 Series PLC and operator panel;
  • Machinery in line with CE standards;


  • Evaporative tower group;
  • Water cooling unit with chiller;
  • UP control;
  • Nozzles in threaded SS-fitted on SS tubing with quick release;
  • Centrifugal pumps in SS;
  • Special construction with structure free from holes/openings;
  • Welded screws;
  • Hygienic feet design;
  • Flow meters;
  • Multi-track recorders;
  • Input/output belts with active transfer;
  • Pumps and additive dosing (anti-limescale and anti-algae);
  • File loading/unloading devices;
  • Doors with micro interlocked safety devices.