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Electrostatic Powder Application – 1DV

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Electrostatic Powder Application – 1DV
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SAS’s Dry Vibrator System (SAS 1 DV) is ideally suited for retrofitting electrostatic technology onto a wide range of existing systems and scarf feeders.

The ability of the SAS 1 DV to provide up to 98% coating of all products means it offers much more efficient coating than more traditional flavouring methods.

At the same time, its accuracy of application and reduction in powder wastage means manufacturers can, on average, save 10-30% in the amount of powder used – achieving high cost savings and, depending on quantities, seeing a return on investment within three to six months.

The SAS 1 DV model is designed to fit into an existing drum or conveying system and will operate with any screw feeder. It works by atomising dry spices, creating an electrostatic charge onto the powder as it leaves the vibratory tray and directing the powder onto the products to be coated.

The SAS 1 DV is able to handle a broad range of coating powders, seasonings and spices, including high fat powders used in cheese processing.

It can be supplied as a single applicator (1DV) or a twin applicator (2DV), depending on customer requirements.

Typical uses: Applying powder onto products such as crisps, chips, peanuts and other snacks, baked products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, horticultural seeds, potatoes and dry pet food.