EDI electrical steam boiler

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Heating rods are modulation controlled and manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN standard for electrical steam boilers.

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EDI electrical steam boiler
  • EDI electrical steam boiler
  • EDI electrical steam boiler


Electrically heated

The electrical steam boiler for particularly high demands: All wetted parts are optionally available in stainless steel. Heating rods are modulation controlled and manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN standard for electrical steam boilers. The EDI electrical steam boiler is also available as a compact unit, including a feed water tank and feed water pump.

  •     Outputs from 20 kW to 120 kW as a single unit steam system
  •     Higher outputs in the form of multiple steam units possible
  •     Not subject to approval or monitoring in Germany and many other countries
  •     Stainless steel pressure vessel in large capacity steam boiler design
  •     Maintenance-friendly thanks to horizontal design
  •     Easy to operate, highly effective touch screen control – via JUMAG Connect Connection to PC, mobile end devices or control centres possible

How it works
The JUMAG electrical steam boiler works according to the functional principle of a shell boiler.

  •     Water supplied by a pressure pump is heated and evaporated in the pressure tank by heating rods.
  •     The heating rods are controlled depending on the steam pressure.
  •     Depending on the water level in the pressure tank, the feed water in the pressure tank is refilled via the boiler pump.
  •     The JUMAG electrical steam boiler is fully equipped with a feed water container and a feed water pump. Blow down vessel and water treatment can be connected optionally.
  •     The working pressure is continuously adjustable between 0.3/3 bar and 11 bar, depending on the version.

High steam quality

  •     Constructed in high-quality stainless steel for the production of pure steam
  •     Large water surface due to innovative design leads to dry steam
  •     Integrated drop separator keeps the steam dry even at low pressure
  •     Optionally available with feed water pre-heating for partial degassing
  •     Immediate load adjustment by electronic output control

Robust and low-maintenance

  •     Use of high-temperature-resistant heating rods with low surface stress
  •     Modulating control of the heating rods minimises stress on the heating rods
  •     Thyristors extend the service life of the electrical parts
  •     All components are made of stainless materials (stainless steel optionally available) and are thus extremely durable
  •     No current draw peaks due to symmetrical network load


  •     Simple operation with self-explanatory full text touch-screen control in many languages
  •     Does not require approval or monitoring in many countries; approved according to the European standard for electrical steam boilers
  •     Easily accessible for maintenance purposes due to horizontal flange-connected radiators
  •     Alternatively with automatic blow down or desalination
  •     365 days, 24 h accessibility of our customer service