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VetterTec is a company with a long standing tradition. Founded in 1930 it started as a custom engineered supplier of equipment and solutions for storage, transport, dewatering and drying in the beer brewing industry. Through the years VetterTec expanded by adapting and further developing drying and dewatering technology for clients in other industries and grew internationally until today successfully serving clients around the world. All driven by our passion for drying.

For more than 90 years the focus and main driver has always been to listen to our customers and markets and develop and improve our designs and service based on the broad experience and know-how of our people. Today VetterTec has the broadest range of drying technologies in its core client industries, from supply of machines to complete systems.

Our continuous success is driven by the company's main ambition, stated in its Mission:

“To support our customers in the operation and continuous development of their plants and processes and to secure a future in balance of prosperity, health and environment”

At VetterTec we believe in our responsibility for future generations: health and nutrition for the growing number of people in our world and an environment that is protected and preserved. The means to reach these objectives are sometimes counteracting. They call for compromise to find the right balance and require constant innovation.

As a consequence, it is VetterTec’s Vision:

“By continuous development of our high-value technologies and services we are the preferred supplier to our clients in our selected industries and applications”

The centre of all past and future development are people. People design, engineer and fabricate VetterTec technologies. People work with and operate VetterTec technologies. People are the final consumers of products that are processed on VetterTec technologies.

We believe and place high value on humanity. Fair treatment, compliance with social standards and legislation, no space for racism of any type and support of the weak and minorities are the shared values of people inside and outside the company. At VetterTec we believe in the support and development of our employees to enable them all to grow their competences and in their roles that result in the main and overall objective: truly satisfied customers.

We are convinced that the long-term success of VetterTec and the continuity of our company can only be ensured by the high quality of our technologies and services.

The safety of our technologies and system solutions is an essential component of our mechanical engineering philosophy. The application of guidelines and standards allows us to offer our customers maximum quality and safety. In addition to our decade-long experience and proven engineering practices is this approach the basis for the development and supply of safe machines and systems to our valued customers.

90 years successful drying solutions

Since 1930, VetterTec is a specialist in the design, manufacturing and supply of industrial drying plants. Over the years, we have developed from a machine building company to a full-service provider with extensive know-how and constant further development in the areas of engineering, manufacturing and project management.   

Today, we are providing our customers with advanced technical drying solutions including dewatering and evaporation equipment — from R&D-scale and standalone equipment to fully integrated solutions. During the last decades, our equipment and systems have achieved a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and return of investment.


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