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Verder Liquids manufactures pumps, mixers and systems. These pumps are distributed through 27 Verder offices, completed with a worldwide network of local distributors. Verder Liquids is offering local presence, local service and fast delivery times.

As a manufacturer, Verder Liquids is able to maintain the highest standards over the design, build and testing procedures, which reduces risk and costs to the customer. We are also able to translate requirements from the market into new products.

Our staff is skilled to know not only everything there is to know about pumps but also about your specific application. We listen to you, our customer and we are experienced in finding pump solutions for every application!

Some key figures:

  • 600 Employees
  • We are and have always been family owned
  • Our pumps are sold in over 50 countries
  • 11 Verder house brands
  • Verder affiliated offices in 27 countries

Verder offers pumps that bring working solutions to customers such as making your production line smoother, safer and more reliable. Verder pumps are synonymous with quality, longevity and reliability, operating across the globe in some of the most challenging environments and demanding of projects. The quality and build of Verder pumps is a result of over 55 years of designing and manufacturing pumps and gaining the knowledge and understanding of industrial processes to continuously refine and improve our offering.

We are rightly proud of our manufacturing premises, with Verder brands being produced in 5 locations in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland and Italy. In-house pump production allows us to be more responsive to customer demand, assures the shortest lead times and maintains greater control over quality and costs.

As a result, Verder is able to meet and surpass our customer expectations. For fulfilment of all your pumping requirements, we added a selection of A-brands to our product portfolio.

All our factories produce according to ISO 9001 standards.

We are Verder Group and this is our DNA 

Verder Group is a family-owned business founded in 1959 in Vleuten, the Netherlands and has grown into a successful manufacturing company employing over 1,600 people based in 28 countries.

Our mission is to have a strong know-how of niche market technologies in the field of manufacturing so that we can offer our customers the right solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our extensive product range can currently be found in almost all sectors of the industry. 

As a company, we are passionate about technology and innovation. Every day we are devoted to identify and market new solutions for our customers. We are analytical, open and engaged. We are continually broadening our knowledge and expertise. This continuous search for impact on our customers is not only realised by implementing technical innovation in our products, but also by responding to increased demands in terms of data and speed. This encourages us to improve our processes and structure in order to seize the opportunities when they arise.

We take initiative and are entrepreneurial, but always with attention to the people involved. In an international organisation where diversity is a high priority, maintaining our corporate culture is of enormous importance. Therefore, we pay close attention to the way we treat each other, our customers, our suppliers and other stakeholders. We also pay close attention to the way we operate. Everyone must know what we, as an organisation, stand for. That is why we have a clear code of business principles. These are written principles that offer guidelines on how to act. 

We work together as a family by communicating with each other honestly and openly. We go to the source by talking directly to people, not about people. We feel best in an open working environment. Straightforward respectful communication, avoiding politics. Working together to reach the same goals where the total interest always outweighs the self-interest.

We take responsibility even in the most challenging situations. We work hard to find solutions for challenges and do not give up. By taking ownership, we will tackle arising problems and will not leave these issues to others.


We work with passion and commitment in everything we do. Working with passion means that our work is the source of our satisfaction and has true impact on our lives and the lives of our customers.


We go to the source of the data directly in order to have both overview and detailed knowledge. We know the details, so we will not be surprised and can make fact-based decisions. We always keep the end goal in mind. We love go-getters and problem solvers, personalities but no egos. We are pragmatic and focused. 


We value a proactive and competitive attitude, showing initiative and entrepreneurship and the will to encourage each other to act in the company’s best interest. There is room for trial and error, as long as we are able to learn from it and continuously improve ourselves. 


Working at Verder is more than just having a good job. You become part of our family, which means that we work as a family and we trust and support each other. We are Verder

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