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During the last five decades, the DSI brand has become renowned for providing a unique and exceptional customer experience with regards to freezing and handling technology. DSI is the global market leader in developing, designing and manufacturing exclusive, automatic plate freezers and handling equipment used to freeze fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, animal food, liquids and ready meals.

We are acknowledged and highly regarded as the most reliable and trusted brand in the industry, and we take this position and image very seriously. So far, we have provided thousands of installations worldwide, we have a very long list of customer references, and we strive to develop and enhance our products and services in order to maintain this strong brand image and pass on the brand advantages to our customers.

Performance to rely on. This is our unique brand promise which is based on our brand values of technology excellence, reliability and collaboration. We are highly committed to delivering this promise to our customers

An integral part of our strategy at DSI is the commitment to optimizing the business results of our customers. Our plate freezers can help to reduce product cooling or freezing time dramatically and thereby save energy and ensure optimal product quality. At the same time, our automated handling solutions can reduce production footprint, increase flexibility in production and improve working environment.

With the reduced energy consumption* and the ability to preserve for instance by-products, bulk fruits and vegetables that would otherwise have been wasted, we contribute to protecting our common environment.

Through close dialogue with our customers, a structured approach to R&D and focus on internal optimization, we work every day to live up our purpose:

“We commit to optimizing your results and contribute to protecting our environment".

*Reduction of up to 30% in energy consumption compared to other cooling or freezing technologies

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