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Being experienced engineers, we have founded our company Döinghaus cutting and more in 2009. With a small team, we have started to design individual machine and plant solutions for ultrasonic cutting for our customers in the food industry, confectioneries and bakeries. With success! Today, we have employed more than 40 employees, who are experts in their job and amaze our customers.

If customers encounter problems in cutting their products, we will resolve the problems for them! Being a high-performance partner for ultrasonic cutting solutions, we respond to the complex customized requirements with innovative system techniques. Since we know, how optimum automatic cutting processes are being proceeded and the extent to which we succeed in guaranteeing safety and cutting accuracy.

Our customers include almost all well-known food manufacturers in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, we are internationally known and active. In this way, today we have fixed trade partners in England, Israel, Poland, Austria and South Korea.

Quality is crucial for us. This would ensure us to embody MADE IN GERMANY.

We therefore rely on the good education and training of our employees. We are aware that only with a competent team, we would be able to well cope the challenges of the evolving markets.

Being an expert for ultrasonic cutting solutions, we are the guarantor for perfect cuts in food. Do not hesitate to contact us: we individually, innovatively and efficiently develop your machine and plant solution.

The award for special innovations
At the trade fair Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, special innovation projects of the international food and supply industry will be awarded with the acknowledged award of the International FoodTec Award. The jury decided that it is worth to award the Silver International FoodTec Award to this innovative cutting solution. The USS 1000 Helios provides for the first time an automatic cutting solution for soft cheese.

The challenge: Up to now, there was no ultrasonic cutting solution for lots of cheese. Existing ultrasonic cutters only offer a limited cutting quality for e.g. soft cheese. Therefore, cutting cheese, in particular in the premium segment, is a challenging task.

The innovation: With the USS 1000 Helios cutting machine, the company Döinghaus cutting and more GmbH & Co. KG offers a modular machine concept to cut soft and hard cheese, which is for the first time combined in one machine.

The central component is the patented Helios circular blade, which allows cutting soft and hard cheese. The Helios circular blade “rolls through” the cheese and thus creates a high-quality cut without discharge. At this, the blade vibrates up to 20,000 times per second.

The USS 1000 Helios offers for the first time an automatic cutting solution for soft cheese.


As a high-performance partner for ultrasonic cutting solutions, Döinghaus cutting and more manufactures machines and plants for the specific use in the bakery and confectionery trade as well as in the food industry.

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