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Cehuma, meets its customer needs with inovative, high quality and value-added products and services in order them to be competetive then ever both in local and domestic scale. Combining its deep expertise and experience in thermoform packaging machines manufacturing with inovation leaders of the industry, Cehuma helps its customers to be always ahead.

With our main priority "packaging for a better world" we hope to build the future together with our customers calmly but decisively.

Cehuma with experienced and high qualified employees, specialised in the design and manufacturing of  thermoforming packaging machines with a portfolio of horizontal thermoform fill seal machines (which also known as horizontal form fill seal (HFFS), thermoform fill seal (TFFS), form fill seal (FFS) or thermoformer). Our thermoforming packaging machines package a wide range of products efficiently and cost effectively, including dairy products, meat products, sea food, poultry products, dried fruits and vegetables, industrial and consumer goods, medical and pharmaceutical products. Cehuma not only offer standard thermoforming packaging machine range but also supplies complete custom-built solutions for different capacity levels from entry models to up to fully automated packaging lines from a single source with a Customer friendly flexibility.


Cehuma with its wide portfolio, technical expertise, global partners and qualified, dynamic staff always follow its indispensable motto “packaging for a better World” and dedicated to help its customers by evolving even in each little detail of their projects to offer the best optimum solution for their needs from service to experience share to make them competetive better than ever.


"Innovation" is the key word of our success. Knowing that it is impossible to survive for a long time without "innovation" in 21th Century, we always invest in our employees whose are one of the most talented engineers and technicians in Turkish machine manufacturing industry.   

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