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The exclusive virtual space for technological innovation
and digitalization in Food & Beverage
A benchmark for all packaging players in the food and beverage industry. It is a meeting place where the end-users of automated packaging machines or lines can interact with manufacturers to find responses to their most complex questions, concerning manufacturing efficiency, configuration flexibility, product safety and quality, traceability, ROI calculation, eco-sustainability and energy saving.
The Hub is a virtual meeting corner, where talking about specific innovative food & beverage projects with skilled experts, and where joining an exclusive calendar of technological events
Seven companies are present in the Hub: Baumer, Opem, Cama, Zacmi, Makro Labelling, Clevertech and Tosa. This digital meeting platform expresses a force, an excellence of automated and digital technologies for food packaging, not only by market volumes, export values and labour force employed, but also in terms of investments in research, development and training activities.

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