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Agrovo* has been in existence since 1994 and its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria.

Since our establishment, we have been specialising in the supply of machinery and technologies to large poultry farms and meat factories. We have been the sole agents of the Dutch group FPS Moba for the CIS states since 1997. Moba is the world’s largest manufacturer of egg grading and packing machines and of machines for packing poultry, and is the undisputed sector leader on the global market and in the CIS states, in the latter case thanks to our agency status. Our activities are focused on the supply and servicing of complete logistics systems for egg packing stations for poultry farms, primarily involving the following products:

  • egg grading and packing machines Moba with a capacity from 1,600 to 180,000 eggs per hour
  • egg collection and packing machines, so called farmpackers
  • complex automation systems for egg packing stations, including the egg collection belts, delivery, unloading, repacking systems, traceability and trackability systems for eggs, from the chicken house to the end user.
  • egg washing and drying machines with a capacity of 100 to 190,000 eggs per hour from the world market leader Kuhl Corp., USA
  • machines for washing plastic egg trays, pallets and boxes for hatchery from Kuhl with a capacity of up to 18,000 pcs. per hour
  • labelling machines for all different kinds of egg packaging
  • ink jet devices for eggs and small packs
  • cage equipment for pullets, layers and broilers from the best European manufacturers

Our company additionally specialises in equipment for the slaughter and processing of cattle, pigs and poultry; our range includes:

  • slaughtering and processing lines for laying hens and broilers, including subsequent jointing and processing
  • machines for the production of the best known Austrian, German and Italian brands of sausages, ham and deli products
  • broiler plastic bagging machines Moba Maxipack

As a logical complement to our product range, we supply

  • technological food additives and spices for injection and tumbling of red and white meat.

Our long-standing regular customers include the world’s largest poultry farms and meat factories.

A service centre operates out of our Moscow office and employs experienced and “battle-tested” engineers. We carry an extensive range of spares for the egg grading machines. We have also opened offices in Kiev and Minsk.

*The name Agrovo originates from the Latin words  ager (field) and ovo (egg).

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