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Founded in 1979, Ca.Ve.Co has been a leading company for more than 30 years in the manufacture of automatic food proportioning and packaging machines.

Ca.ve.co. focuses its attention on full customer satisfaction through the supply of products featuring the typical MADE IN ITALY quality standards, full compliance with the EC safety standards and, what’s more, the delivery of countless consultancy design, training and after-sale services.

What makes our products different from the others is the extreme flexibility and reliability of use, which allows users to quickly switch from one size to another and trays from different materials (aluminium, plastic, cardboard, polystyrene and the like…) to be used all on the same machine. Our lines are thoroughly washable and sanitized in a quick and simple manner.


Thanks to our R&D department and our expert team which follow with scrupulous attention all stages of production, Ca.Ve.Co. operates successfully on key markets, supported by the dedication of our foreign representatives and distributors, but above all thanks to you who keep choosing Ca.Ve.Co. day after day.

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