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Teknoice: technology of ice cream

Teknoice is a leader in semi-industrial and industrial ice cream production equipment.

Our Team has over 40 years of experience in the ice cream industry. Thanks to this hands-on experience we are able to understand and meet all customers’ needs and grant customized solutions.

Our Offer

Teknoice can satisfy all customer’s needs, from semi-industrial to industrial, with complete lines that cover all stages of production: pasteurizing plants, continuous freezers, ice cream filling machines, extrusion lines, hardening tunnels and wrapping machines.
Teknoice’s team is able to assist any ice cream producer that wants to increase their productivity, following the development of the project step by step. The goal is to help customers to grow their business while maintaining the same ice cream quality. Teknoice has a solution for everyone, from artisan makers to large producers.

The team behind our machines

Every project is carefully considered and transformed into a tailored offer. We make sure to recommend equipment solutions that are best suited to your budget and space availability, while forward planning for future investments. It is our priority to listen to our customers wants and needs so we can provide offers to meet the desired productivity or pave the way for future growth.

Quality and safety policies

Teknoice complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:15 requirements and is able to monitor all processes at all levels. This enables us to always achieve a high level of quality. This involves a strict control on all internal actions, thanks to a number of protocols undertaken by all Teknoice team members.

In addition, we have a rigid supplier selection, in order to use only first-class parts and materials. All Teknoice’s machines are built following European regulations concerning hygiene and safety and are 100% made in Italy.

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