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Fimar Group is the group combining two large companies, Fimar and Forcar in a single management, which has been the same for 40 years. The group currently has 5 brands, specialising in various sectors of professional catering and hospitality.

Significant numbers and a considerable company growth: 40 years of Fimar and 25 years of Forcar covering a surface of over 38,000 square meters of headquarters, goods in stock, shipments all over the world and representative offices worldwide.

Despite its remarkable growth, the company is still loyal to the initial philosophy of designing, building, importing and distributing simple, reliable and solid products, in order to allow all customers in every corner of the world an easy and lasting use.

In 2021, following the merger of the company Forcar srl, the brand becomes the property of the Fimar spa company and becomes part of the Fimar Group family.

Fimar S.p.a. since 1974

Fimar S.p.a. is an Italian company specialized in the design, production and sale of machinery for professional catering. The history of Fimar began in 1974 with the inauguration of the company Lazzari-Tamburini, a small precision workshop working for third parties.

After a few years in 1979, the idea of specializing in professional catering with the creation of the first of a long series of meat mincers. A brilliant and courageous idea pursued over the years by Oriano Tamburini who now, together with his daughter Eleonora, leads the management of a group.

The company Fimar owns 2 brands: Fimar with Made in Italy products and Easyline, imported products offering high performance.


Forcar S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1994, from the need to expand the range of products for catering with professional equipment for serving such as trolleys, furniture service and various items for hotels. An ambitious project growing year after year, developing new product ranges, a new factory and new items available for sale.

It became a solid reality in just 10 years, and the management decided to create a line of products for professional refrigeration. Forcar owns currently three brands: Forcar Multiservice specialized in trolleys and more, Forcar Refrigeration dedicated to the professional refrigeration made in Italy and last but not least Forcold with imported equipments guaranteed by a solid company reality.

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