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Viking Masek: Future of packaging

Since the foundation of the company in 1964, customer´s satisfaction has been VikingMasek´s highest priority. We achieve this goal by continuously improving the cost effectivness and performance of all our machines, as well as focusing on innovation for faster and more effective machines and new attractive bag styles.

Single source supplier

VikingMašek`s machine portfolio makes us a single source for all your needs – from simple vffs machines, through product handling up to turn-key packaging and processing lines. Whether you are looking for a standard single machine or a customized solution, VikingMasek offers packaging equipment tailored to your requirements. VikingMašek. Future of packaging.

Company milestones

1964 Foundation of R&D Institute for Packaging Machinery in Vlasim

1970 Rudolf Masek joins the company

1992 Masek family buys 100% shares in the company

1993 Introduction of new company structure – Masek Packaging Machinery

2001 Acquisition of Vision Verpackungsmaschinen, GmbH (Germany)

2006 Foundation of co-packing facility A-Z Packaging

2008 Formation of Viking Packaging Technologies USA

2010 Formation of Viking Packaging Equipment Holland

2011 Introduction of Viking Masek brand name

2011 Opening of new production facility (over 10.000 m2)

2012 Formation of new division for cartoning machines

2018 Construction of new factory for cartoning machines (12.000 m2) 

50 years of experience

With worldwide network of sales, service and support VikingMašek belongs to the leaders of the market of packaging machines. VikingMašek develops intelligent packaging technology at the highest technological level, to meet the most stringent demands. That is why VikingMašek already today looks at tomorrow and beyond. Hence, the following points are very important for us.

Market Leader

VikingMašek belongs to one of the leaders on the field of packaging machines in most relevant markets. These include the sectors of food and non-food as well as pharma industries. Ongoing innovations, high quality and fast response to the customer needs are the main reasons of our company´s success.

International presence

VikingMašek has its own locations all over the world which are closely working together, forming a strong sales and service network. Via this network VikingMašek is close to its customers and can individually respond to their requirements quickly and flexibly with the best solutions.

Best technologies

The ongoing innovation process is one of the major characteristic of VikingMašek. Using the best technologies and materiels for our machines enables us to offer unique technologies in packaging solutions, like the world´s fastest vffs machine on the machine, machines with sophisticated linear drives, ultrasonic sealing systems, etc … This reflects into the amount of patents we own worldwide, and technical awards we won in the last years.


We are fully aware of the pressure that our customers are facing. We will do our best to avoid downtimes, increase output, reduce waste and keep the use of energy to a minimum. Our machines and services fulfill the quality requirements you ask and we are committed to.


For some time now, VikingMašek has been deevelopping machines with respect to climate and environmental protection. Starting by decreasing the use of energy throught increasing the efficiency og our equipment and applying environment friendly rules for all our facilities.

Motivated employees

We were able to build our strong position on the market because we have a dedicated team of employees. All our employees are specialized experts highly respected beyond their industry and we try to take care of them the best way we can. We all at VikingMašek try to be as close as possible to our customers and try to meet their demands. We are open to any new challanges. 

Company Viking Masek is premium supplier of the packaging machines. We develop intelligent packaging technology at the highest technological level, to meet the most stringent demands. With worldwide network of sales, service and support, Viking Masek belongs to one of the leaders in the field of packaging machines in most relevant markets. These include the sectors of food and non-food as well as pharmaceutical industries.

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