Flexible Sawing System
  • Flexible Sawing System
  • Flexible Sawing System

Flexible Sawing System

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A flexible sawing system is the right choice with regard to the number of different operations for different products.

Flexible Sawing System
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There is a large number of possible machine combinations: either semi-automatic solutions with a manual band saw for cutting blocks and the corresponding automatic plank and/or portion cuts, or automatic solutions with a combination of different log, plank and portion saws.

The flexible sawing system has many advantages
Tailor made solutions
Outstanding flexibility for easy adaptation to new cutting schemes
High yield – reduced give-away
Designed to minimize labor costs
High safety and hygienic standards
Different automation levels
Which combination may be considered for the production depends on factors such as
Available space
Work required on each product
Number of products processed
Planned degree of automation
Yield per product
Investment budget
Please contact us for providing you with a set-up of a system geared to your special requirements.