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Heat exchangers are among the most important equipment in the hygienic process.



Plate Exchangers
Heat exchangers are among the most important equipment in the hygienic process. Sterilized products can be stored at ambient temperatures for a long time. Many producers use this system to sterilize their products, to distribute them over long distances and to find new markets in the hygienic food industry. Heat exchangers have many advantages for producers, dealers and customers.

Today, heat exchangers are known as the most common, low-cost direct cooling and heating method. Companies working with fluid products in the food sector such as milk, juice, egg and honey processing are trying to minimize the risks of contamination in their processes. For example; heating and cooling are the most important processes for processing dairy products. In milk industry, milk must be heat treated as soon as possible after it arrives at the dairy.

At this point, TSS is a company that focuses on providing its customers with the best solution. It designs heat exchangers for food industry and other demanding industries. Design of our heat exchangers serves your production purposes at every level. We have the tools and experience to design final solutions for you in our center located in Sakarya, Serdivan. We provide the best design and productivity solutions for you. You can entrust your process performance and production hygiene to our experts.

Sealed plate heat exchangers are the most common and effective heat transfer solution in the world. Many industries use this system in various applications. TSS sealed plate heat exchangers are designed for various processes. Our design offers effective and efficient heating and cooling services that require hygienic processes. TSS designs sealed plate heat exchangers depending on the thermal program in hygienic processes and offers the best solution for industries. In this work, industrial design, the latest developments in materials, advanced technology production methods and workmanship quality make a difference. Thanks to our industrial experience and production methods, we design and produce the most effective sealed plate heat exchangers in the industry.

Flexible Design

- High and low turbulence plates

- Various material selections for plates and seals

- Wide range plate profiles for applications with high viscosity

- Double wall design with predetermined leakage paths to prevent contamination

- Titanium and AISI 316 plate applications

- Flexible design up to 60.000lt/h capacity

Standard Plates
TSS uses standard plate heat exchangers for structured heat transfer solutions for fluid products.

Wide Range Plates
TSS "Wide Range Plates" are used for fluids containing solid particles and products that are with slightly more viscous than normal. Plates are commonly used in pulp and paper industry, waste water treatment plants, sugar industry, juice production, dairy product applications, heat recovery systems, and high viscosity products, where standard plate heat exchangers can often be blocked.

Titanium Plates
Titanium plates we use according to the type of application are plates lasting longer against corrosion in acidic and salty environments where AISI 316 plates could not resist.