Off-line exhibitions in 2021

Years 2020 and 2021 turned out to be difficult for all industries in terms of the possibility of holding exhibitions and participating in them. Most of the largest exhibitions have been canceled, or, in extreme cases, moved to the online format, which, of course, cannot be a full-fledged replacement for conventional exhibitions.


However, some countries will host off-line exhibitions this 2021. Yesterday, such an exhibition ended in Uzbekistan - the UzFood 2021 exhibition was held for the 20th time. This year, the stands of 122 companies from 21 countries of the world were presented at it, including: Austria, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and France .. The exhibition is held with the active participation of the government of Uzbekistan, which is interested in attracting investments to the country, including the food processing industry.


Official website of the exhibition -



Most of the major exhibitions in 2021 will be held off-line in Asian countries, but due to the fact that the pandemic still has a significant impact on the ability to move between countries, the dates of a particular exhibition may be changed at the last moment.


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